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The Ancestry of 
Jaakko Korpinen and Anna Liisa Juntunen Korpinen

A genealogical report by
David T. Koyzis,
August 2002


This report concerns the ancestry of my great-grandparents, Jaakko or Jacob Korpinen (1877-1949) and Anna Liisa Juntunen Korpinen (1881-1967), both born in Finland and living most of their subsequent lives in the upper peninsula of Michigan. My research began with typewritten records passed down through the family, which I received sometime in the 1960s or '70s. It was augmented by parish records received from a cousin who visited Finland during the 1980s, shortly before the first Juntunen family reunion in 1988. Near the end of the 1990s I received two volumes in Finnish containing detailed information on the Juntunen and Moilanen families in the Puolanka area of northern Finland, drawn from the meticulously kept parish records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. This report draws on all of this information, plus information on the Korpinen side provided by distant cousins in Finland.

I knew only one of my great-grandparents, Anna Liisa, whom my grandfather, Eino Korpinen, brought to the home of an aunt and uncle in 1963. I may have seen her once before then as well, possibly around 1959 when I was quite small. By then she was quite old and frail, ailing with diabetes and hard of hearing. Her husband, Jacob, died before I was born.

I have thus far been unable to make any connections between my Finnish ancestors and the so-called "world family tree," which connects so many to the royal and imperial families of Europe close to a millennium ago. That does not mean these do not exist. However, Finland has always been at the periphery of Europe, and linguistic evidence connects Finns with various other Finno-Ugric peoples in the Ural Mountains region of Russia. In short, Asiatic connections seem somewhat more likely, at least if one goes far enough back in history.

On the other hand, Finland was for centuries under the sovereignty of the Swedish king, and there was much intermarriage between Finns and Swedes, so connections to the rest of Europe may be present through the ubiquitous and widely-travelled Norsemen, whom virtually everyone of European descent can count as ancestors. In 1809, during the Napoleonic wars, Finland was turned over to the Russian tsar. It remained a nominally distinct grand duchy, with many of the trappings of nationhood, including its own parliament and army, and was associated with the Russian Empire until 1918, when it gained political independence for the first time in history. Several of our Finnish ancestors left Finland for the United States in the late 19th century to escape conscription into the army.

Records of births, marriages, deaths, &c., were written in either Swedish (particularly prior to 19th century) or Finnish, so the following pedigrees reflect these dual origins. The Korpinen line begins with Witzell, which appears to be of Baltic German origin (although the name is found amongst Danes, Norwegians and Swedes as well). Records typically include the first name, a patronymic and a "farm name" or heritable surname. With respect to patronymics, "Gotthardss." means (in Swedish) "Gotthardsson" or "Gotthard's son," while "Gotthardsdr." means "Gotthardsdotter" or "Gotthard's daughter." In Finnish "Salomontytär" means "Salomon's daughter," and "Salomonpoika" means "Salomon's son." First names usually have their counterpart in the other language. The Swedish "Pehr" is "Pekka" in Finnish, "Walborg" is "Valpuri", "Mats" is "Matti," "Gretha" is "Kreeta," "Anders" is "Antti," &c. Surnames tend to be more distinctive, although, like surnames elsewhere, they have their origins in, among other things, patronymics ("Heikkinen" from "Heikki"), and geographical locations (e.g., "Korpinen," meaning "an inhabitant of the wilderness" or "backwoodsman," as my grandfather put it, or "Karjalainen": "an inhabitant of Karelia"). Particularly in the lower classes, surnames were not heritable until the 1880s and referred instead to the farm on which the person was living. See farm names for further details concerning Finnish surnames. This is further confirmed in Vincent and Tapio (1994), cited in full below, especially pp. 28-30, 54-55.


The Witzell, Hämeenkorpi and Korpinen lines

Jacob's family came from the village of Alavieska in the northern part of Finland. Ellen Korpinen Waatti reported that Justus and Kaisa Liisa Korpinen first arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then took the train to Hancock, Michigan, evidently entering the US at Sault Ste. Marie. The Korpinen surname stemmed from the farm name Hämeenkorpi, associated with Justus' mother Kreeta (Gretha). The following pedigree was taken from information posted on the webpages by one Petri Peltonen, and further enhanced by information from Anneli Santtila and Helvi Jutila, all distant cousins in Finland. It appears to be based on parish records from Alavieska:

1. Gotthard WITZELL (b.1694-Of Livonia d.1756-Alavieska)
sp: Maria Tuomaantytär  (b.1699-Alavieska,Finland d.1785-Alavieska)
  |-2. Gotthard Gotthardss. Tanhuala e. WITZELL (b.1734-Alavieska d.1813-Alavieska)
  | sp: Lisa Henricksdr GERTTULA (KERTTULA) TANHUALA (b.1728-Alavieska,Finland m.1755 d.1778)
  |  |-3. Gotthard Gotthardsson WITZELL TANHUALA (b.1761-Alavieska d.1845-Alavieska)
  |  | sp: Valpuri Juhontytär (Valborg Johansdr) SOROLA (b.1765 m.1794 d.1850-Alavieska)
  |  |  +-4. Gotthard Johan Gotthardss. TANHUALA (HÄMEENKORPI) (b.1797-Alavieska,Finland d.1868)
  |  |    sp: AnnaLisa Mattsdr PRITTINEN (HÄMEENKORPI) (b.1799 m.1819 d.1872)
  |  |     |-5. Gretha Johanna Gothardsdr HÄMEENKORPI (b.1829-Alavieska,Finland)
  |  |     | & UNKNOWN
  |  |     |  |-6. Justus Gretasson HÄMEENKORPI (KORPI) (b.1848-Alavieska,Finland d.1941-Painsdale,MI)
  |  |     |  | sp: Kaisa Liisa PYÖRRET (b.1848-Kalajoki,Finland m.1842 d.1905-Painsdale,MI)
  |  |     |  |  |-7. Hannah Fredrika HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1874-Alavieska,Finland d.U.S.A.)
  |  |     |  |  |-7. Jaakko "Jacob" Justuksenpoika HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1877-Alavieska,Finland d.1949-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
  |  |     |  |  | sp: Anna Liisa JUNTUNEN (b.1881-Puolanka,Finland m.1899 d.1967-Dearborn Heights,Wayne,Michigan)
  |  |     |  |  |-7. Liisa HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1879-Alavieska,Finland d.U.S.A.)
  |  |     |  |  |-7. Kustaava HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1882-Alavieska,Finland d.1958-U.S.A.)
  |  |     |  |  |-7. Hilda Kathariina HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1885-Alavieska,Finland d.1976-Hancock,MI)
  |  |     |  |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
  |  |     |  |  +-7. Matti "Matt" HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1888-Alavieska,Finland d.U.S.A.)
  |  |     | sp: Antti Anttinpoika HIMANGO HÄMEENKORPI (b.1831 d.1865)
  |  |     |  |-6. Antti Anttinpoika HÄMEENKORPI (b.1854)
  |  |     |  |-6. Juho Antinpoika HÄMEENKORPI (b.1857)
  |  |     |  |-6. Frans Petter HÄMEENKORPI (b.1859 d.1861)
  |  |     |  |-6. August Antinpoika HÄMEENKORPI (b.1861)
  |  |     |  |-6. Kustaava Antintytär HÄMEENKORPI (b.1865 d.1867)
  |  |     | & UNKNOWN
  |  |     |  +-6. Matti Gretaanpoika HÄMEENKORPI (b.1871)
  |  |     +-5. Johan Gotthardss TANHUALA (HÄMEENKORPI) (b.1820)
  |  |-3. Maria Gothaardsdr TOLONEN WITZELL TANHUALA (b.1756-Alavieska,Finland d.1837-Kalajoki,Finland)
  |  | sp: Kalle Matinpoika TANHUALA (b.1755-Kalajoki,Finland d.1829-Kalajoki,Finland)
  |  |-3. Liisa Gotthardsdr TOLONEN WITZELL (b.1758-Alavieska,Finland d.1834)
  |  | sp: Ernest Juho Matinpoika TOLONEN (b.1759 d.1835)
  |  |-3. Jaakko Gotthardinpoika WITZELL (b.1760 d.1760)
  |  |-3. Tuomas Gotthardinpoika WITZELL (b.1763-Alavieska,Finland)
  |  | sp: Greta Nilsdr KÄHTÄVÄ
  |  |-3. Matti Gotthardinpoika WITZELL (b.1764-Alavieska,Finland)
  |  | sp: Karin Jokobsdr LAITALA (b.Kalajoki,Finland)
  |  |-3. Susanna Gotthardsdr WITZELL (b.1767-Alavieska,Finland d.1846)
  |  | sp: Hans Mattsson TOLONEN (b.1771 d.1852)
  |  +-3. Johan Gotthardss WITZELL (b.1772-Alavieska,Finland d.1852)
  |-2. Wilhelm Gotthardinp TANHUALA S WITZELL (b.1736-Alavieska,Finland d.1809-Sievi,village,Finland)
  | sp: Karin Henriksdr ALAVUOTILA (b.1732-Alavieska,Finland d.1802-Alavieska,Finland)
  +-2. Aapo Gotthardinpoika WITZELL TANHUALA (b.1743-Alavieska,Finland d.1830-Alavieska,Finland)
    sp: Anna Andersdr ISOHAAPAKOSKI (b.1744-Alavieska,Finland m.1767 d.1831-Alavieska,Finland)
     +-3. Juho Aaponpoika TANHUALA (b.1787-Alavieska,Finland d.1849-Alavieska,Finland)
       sp: Maria Ollintytär HAAPAKOSKI (b.1785-Alavieska,Finland d.1826-Alavieska,Finland)
        +-4. Antti Juhonpoika TANHUALA (b.1817-Alavieska,Finland d.1865-Alavieska,Finland)
          sp: Maria Juhontytär RAHKOLA (b.1821-Kalajoki,Finland d.1899-Alavieska,Finland)
           +-5. Kreeta Antintytär ESKOLA (b.1859-Alavieska,Finland d.1949-Alavieska,Finland)
             sp: Heikki Matinpoika JUTILA (b.1857 m.1880 d.1935)
              |-6. Johanna Heikintytär JUTILA (b.1881 d.1881)
              |-6. Heikki Heikinpoika JUTILA (b.1882 d.1963)
              |-6. Aapo Heikinpoika JUTILA (b.1884 d.1927)
              |-6. August Heikinpoika JUTILA (b.1887-Alavieska,Finland d.1972-Kangasala,Finland)
              |-6. Iida Maria Heikintytär JUTILA (b.1889 d.1956)
              |-6. Hilja Heikintytär JUTILA (b.1892 d.1892)
              |-6. Aino Heikintytär JUTILA (b.1892 d.1899)
              |-6. Heino Heikinpoika JUTILA (b.1894 d.1900)
              |-6. Greta Sofia Heikintytär JUTILA (b.1897-Alavieska,Finland d.1972-USA)
              |-6. Selma Heikintytär JUTILA (b.1899 d.1900)
              |-6. Eino Emil Heikinpoika JUTILA (b.1902-Alavieska,Finland d.1992-Alavieska,Finland)
              |-6. Vieno Esteri Heikintytär JUTILA (b.1904-Alavieska,Finland d.1990-Alavieska,Finland)
              | sp: Filippus RAJANIEMI (b.1903 m.1935 d.2000)
              +-6. Otto Vilho Heikinpoika JUTILA (b.1906-Alavieska,Finland d.1989-Alavieska,Finland)

Much of the following information about Gotthard Witzell and his family was given me by Anneli Santtila: Witzell was an inhabitant of Livonia, now the northern part of Latvia, but then part of Sweden. The inhabitants at that time spoke the old Livonian language, a Finno-Ugric language now close to extinction. At the age of about eighteen he joined the army of King Charles XII of Sweden at Hämeenlinna (better known as the birthplace of composer Jean Sibelius) in 1712 and remained there until 18 October 1728 with the rank of sergeant-major. His brother Ernest Witzell was also in the army, achieving the same rank, until 1761, after which time he lived in Kalajoki. Gotthard and Ernest were on the battlefield in Norway in 1718 and managed to survive, while many of their colleagues froze to death. Their father may have been Lieutenant Daniel Johan Witzell, who fell at the Battle of Lesnaya in 1708.  But there is no hard evidence of this.

Gotthard married Maria Tuomaantytär Tanhuala and became master of Tanhuala. Three boys survived: Gotthard, Wilhelm and Abra(ha)m (Aapo). The Tanhuala home still belongs to Aapo's descendants, although its name was later changed to Eskola.

The period coinciding with the Witzells' military service saw the Great Northern War between Sweden and Peter the Great's Russia.  Russia won a decisive victory at the Battle of Poltava in 1709. Finland was occupied by Russia from 1714 to 1721 in a time known to Finns as the "Great Wrath." In 1714 Russian soldiers occupied Alavieska and reputedly treated the inhabitants badly, going so far as to subject the mistress of Tanhuala, Anna Nilsdotter (Anna Niilontytär), to a beating so severe as to send her to bed. Sweden lost the war to Russia, which gained considerable territory in the Baltic region, including the land on which St. Petersburg was built. But most of Finland remained in Swedish hands for another century. At the time he resigned from the army, Gotthard Witzell was fortifying the new, less favourable border with Russia. After his resignation, he retired to Tanhuala, where he married. Judging from his surname, Witzell's ancestor may have been part of a contingent of Hessian soldier which arrived in Livonia in the 17th century, as suggested in The Wittzells of Livonia:

Research suggests that their family perhaps originated in Frankfurt, Germany, the home of Johann Jacob Witzel, born in 1634. Johann Jacob Witzel quickly vanishes from the parish register. And the names of two Livonian soldiers strongly encourages the idea of a possible connection.

Actually, the arrival of Hessian soldiers in Livonia is further suggested by a close relationship between Karl I (1654-1730), Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and the Duchy of Courland [Livonia]. Karl I was married to Maria Amalia of Courland (1653-1711), daughter of Duke Jacob Kettler. "Under Karl's rule Kassel recovered faster from the Thirty Years' War then other regions in Germany. He built a relatively large army which he rented to the highest bidders." The strong alliance of Hesse-Kassel with the Swedes culminates as Frederick I., the next Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel (1730-1751), Karl I's oldest son, became "by marriage king of Sweden". Certainly, it seems then that the likely call for capable soldiers - and the desirable wages and opportunites attached - explains a potential connection between Witzels in Frankfurt and Wittzells in Livonia.

Tanhuala and Hämeenkorpi are farm names. Tanhuala is one of the older farms, dating from the 1550s. Hämeenkorpi was a pioneer farm established in the 1840s. Häme is a province in the southwest part of Finland. Thus Hämeenlinna refers to the "castle" (linna) in the town, while Hämeenkorpi, despite its location in Alavieska, refers to the "wilderness" (korpi) in this more southerly region. See also Maarit Verronen, Witzell family of origin (Google translation from Finnish). 

The identity of Justus Korpinen's father is unknown.

Photograph courtesy of Mary Ann Kauppila

Justus Korpinen (seated)
with grandson, Raymond Kauppila


The Kähtävä and Pyörret lines

Justus' wife Kaisa Liisa was surnamed Pyörret, although relatives report that she was also associated with the names Haapasaari and Kolehmainen, which may be farm names. Her parents' names were Jakob Andersson (Jaakko Antinpoika) Pyörret and Fredrika Andersdr Kähtävä. Much of the following information also comes from Anneli Santtila, who is descended from both Gotthard Witzell and from Antti Mikonpoika Kähtävä, and is therefore related to us in at least two ways.

1. Antti Mikonpoika KÄHTÄVÄ
   sp: UNKNOWN
  +-2. Pekka Antinpoika KÄHTÄVÄ
    sp: Agneta Matintytär
     +-3. Marketta Pekantytär KÄHTÄVÄ (b.1677 d.1756)
       sp: Pekka Juhonpoika KÄHTÄVÄ (d.1716)
        |-4. Juho Pekanpoika KÄHTÄVÄ (d.1747)
        | sp: Maria Mikontytär  (b.1708 d.1776)
        |  +-5. Juho Juhonpoika KÄHTÄVÄ (b.1734-Of Alavieska,Finland d.1803)
        |    sp: Liisa Antintytär KOSKELA (b.1734-Alavieska,Finland d.1804)
        |     |-6. Antti Juhonpoika KÄHTÄVÄ (b.1759 d.1823)
        |     | sp: Beata Matintytär ANIAS (b.1764-Alavieska,Finland d.1852)
        |     |  +-7. Antti Antinpoika KÄHTÄVÄ (b.1790 d.1851)
        |     |    sp: Liisa Juhontytär ALA ANTTILA (b.1794-Alavieska,Finland d.1881)
        |     |     +-8. Fredrika Antintytär KÄHTÄVÄ (b.1819-Alavieska,Finland)
        |     |       sp: Jaakko Antinpoika PYÖRRET (m.1842)
        |     |        |-9. Kaisa Liisa PYÖRRET (b.1848-Kalajoki,Finland d.1905-Painsdale,MI)
        |     |        | sp: Justus Gretasson HÄMEENKORPI (KORPI) (b.1848-Alavieska,Finland m.1842 d.1941-Painsdale,MI)
        |     |        |  |-10. Hannah Fredrika HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1874-Alavieska,Finland d.U.S.A.)
        |     |        |  |-10. Jaakko "Jacob" Justuksenpoika HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1877-Alavieska,Finland d.1949-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
        |     |        |  | sp: Anna Liisa JUNTUNEN (b.1881-Puolanka,Finland m.1899 d.1967-Dearborn Heights,Wayne,Michigan)
        |     |        |  |-10. Liisa HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1879-Alavieska,Finland d.U.S.A.)
        |     |        |  |-10. Kustaava HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1882-Alavieska,Finland d.1958-U.S.A.)
        |     |        |  |-10. Hilda Kathariina HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1885-Alavieska,Finland d.1976-Hancock,MI)
        |     |        |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
        |     |        |  +-10. Matti "Matt" HÄMEENKORPI (KORPINEN) (b.1888-Alavieska,Finland d.U.S.A.)
        |     |        +-9. Matti Jaakonpoika (Matts Jakobsson?) PYÖRRET, HAAPASAARI (b.1846-Kalajoki,(?) d.1914)
        |     |            sp: UNKNOWN
        |     |           +-10. Ida HAAPASAARI (b.1884 d.1962)
        |     |             sp: Henry SOINI (b.1883 d.1960)
        |     |              +-11. Julia E. SOINI (b.1913 d.1995-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
        |     |                sp: William Andrew JUNTUNEN (b.1904-Minnesota (?) d.1993-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
        |     +-6. Heikki Juhonpoika KÄHTÄVÄ MATTILA (b.1772 d.1843)
        |       sp: Marketta Mikontytär HAARAOJA (b.1775 d.1810)
        |        +-7. Heikki Heikinpoika MATTILA (b.1800 d.1872)
        |          sp: Susana Ollintytär HUHTALA (b.1797 d.1861)
        |           +-8. Juho Heikinpoika MATTILA KÄHTÄVÄ (b.1825 d.1887)
        |               sp: UNKNOWN
        |              +-9. Juho Juhonpoika KÄHTÄVÄ RAJANIEMI (d.1929)
        |                sp: Anna Kreeta Siivertintytär KOSKELA (b.1863 d.1945)
        |                 +-10. Filippus RAJANIEMI (b.1903 d.2000)
        |                   sp: Vieno Heikintytär JUTILA (b.1904 d.1990)
        |-4. Antti Pekanpoika KÄHTÄVÄ (b.1706 d.1787)
        | sp: Anna Antintytär  (d.1777)
        | sp: Kaisa Juhontytär
        |-4. Heikki Pekanpoika KÄHTÄVÄ ANTTILA (b.1715-Alavieska,Finland d.1771)
        | sp: Kaisa Juhontytär ANTTILA (d.1758)
        |  |-5. Juho Heikinpoika ANTTILA (b.1747)
        |  | sp: Maria Simontytär HAAPASAARI
        |  |-5. Kaisa Heikintytär ANTTILA (b.1749)
        |  | sp: Juho Simonpoika HAAPASAARI ANTTILA (d.1805)
        |  |-5. Liisa Heikintytär ANTTILA (b.1745)
        |  | sp: Pertti Matinpoika
        |  |-5. Maria Heikintytär ANTTILA (b.1751)
        |  | sp: Matti Antinpoika SAMMALKANGAS
        |  |-5. Susanna Heikintytär ANTTILA (b.1754-Ylivieska)
        |  |-5. Brita Heikintytär ANTTILA (b.1756)
        |  | sp: Heikki Heikinpoika TÖRRI
        | sp: Anna Iisakintytär SOMEROJA (d.1773)
        |  +-5. Marketta Heikintytär ANTTILA
        |    sp: Erkki Erkinpoika SORVISTO (b.Ylivieska)
        +-4. Kaisa Pekantytär KÄHTÄVÄ (b.1706 d.1795)
          sp: Erkki Matinpoika HEMMILÄ (b.1706 d.1746)
           |-5. Erkki Erkinpoika HEMMILÄ (b.1739 d.1805)
           | sp: Anna Heikintytär ALAVUOTILA (b.1736 d.1827)
           +-5. Maria Erkintytär HEMMILÄ (b.1743 d.1827)
             sp: Elias Eliaanpoika VIITAMAA

According to cousin Julia Soini Juntunen (1913-1995), her grandfather Matti Haapasaari, who died 13 May 1914 and is buried in the Oskar, Michigan cemetery (where his grave stone reads "Haabasaari"), was brother to Kaisa Liisa Pyörret Korpinen, who is also buried in the same cemetery alongside her husband Justus. Anneli Santtila's information confirms that Kaisa Liisa had a brother named Matti, born 26 February 1846. The above pedigree assumes that these "two" Mattis are the same person, the different surname perhaps reflecting residence on another farm. This identification is further supported by the age shown on Matti's grave stone. Coincidentally, Julia's husband Bill Juntunen (1904-1993) is great-grandson to Salomo Juntunen through the latter's son Yrjö, both listed below. Both Bill and Julia are also buried in the Oskar cemetery.

Anna Liisa and Jacob,
with son Eino Korpinen (left, Koyzis' grandfather)
and grandson Wesley (in lap)


Jacob and Anna Liisa
on the shores of Lake Superior,
late 1940s


We now turn to Anna Liisa's ancestry, particularly her Juntunen and Moilanen forebears. This information comes from the parish records of the village of Puolanka, which date back to the beginning of the 17th century and the last years of the 16th century. They go no further back than this. This part of Finland was not settled until the latter part of the 16th century, when the Swedish king moved residents of the south – sometimes forcibly – to the northern latitudes, undoubtedly to counter Russian expansion in the region. (The Saami, or Laplanders, who speak a related Finno-Ugric language, were likely already there, but they were of course nomadic.) Thus permanent settlement in the Finnish hinterlands is no older than English settlement on the eastern seabord of the United States or French settlement in Canada.

The Juntunen line

The Juntunen pedigree is as follows, beginning with one Lauri (Swedish: Lars) Juntunen, who moved (or was moved) into the Ristijärvi region (adjacent to Puolanka) around the turn of the 17th century. His birthplace is unknown. The information comes from a book, Matti J. Kankaanpää, Juntusten suku I olsa: 1500-1700 - luvuilla syntyneet, Jyväskylä, 1998. See also the Juntunen Family History Project and Juntusten sukuseura ry.


1. Lauri JUNTUNEN (b.1550 d.)
   sp: UNKNOWN
  |-2. Lauri Laurinpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1600 d.1638-Ristijärvi,Finland)
  | sp: Dordi  (b. d.)
  |  +-3. Heikki Laurinpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1630-Ristijärvi,Finland d.)
  |    sp: Agneta
  |     +-4. Lauri Heikinpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1660-Ristijärvi,Finland d.1738-Suomussalmi,Finland)
  |       sp: Vappu MOILANEN (b.1660 d.)
  |        +-5. Heikki Laurinpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1688-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1771-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |          sp: Elli KERÄNEN (d.1739-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |           +-6. Lauri Heikinpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1724-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1801-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |             sp: Sesilia KEMPPAINEN (b.1728-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1768-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |              +-7. Tuomas Laurinpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1758-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1791-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |                sp: Vappu OIKARINEN (b.1763-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1837-Paltamo,Finland)
  |                 |-8. Salomo Tuomaanpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1786-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1847-Puolanka,Finland)
  |                 | sp: Anna ROMPPAINEN (b.1786-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1833-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |                 |  |-9. Salomo Salomonpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1817-Puolanka,Finland d.1890-Paltamo (?),Finland)
  |                 |  | sp: Valpuri TERVO(NEN) (b.1821-Puolanka,Finland d.1889-Puolanka,Finland)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Niilo Salomonpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1860-Puolanka,Finland d.1934-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
  |                |  |  | sp: Anna MOILANEN (b.1859-Puolanka,Finland d.1933-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Anna Liisa JUNTUNEN (b.1881-Puolanka,Finland d.1967-Dearborn Heights,Wayne,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Jaakko "Jacob" KORPINEN (b.1877-Alavieska,Finland m.1899 d.1949-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Eino Justus KORPINEN (b.1905-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1977-Plant City,Hillsborough,Florida)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: Frances Marie HYDER (b.1904-Big Stone Gap,Virginia,USA m.1928 d.1975-Naperville,Illinois,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Jennie Eliisa KORPINEN (b.1900-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1927-Jackson,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: Emil MATHIS
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Jacob Wilhart KORPINEN (b.1901-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1993-Waterford,Oakland,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: Dorothy CROCKER (b.1907 d.1995-Waterford, Oakland,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Anna Esteri KORPINEN (b.1903-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1992-Orchard Lake,Oakland,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: Edwin WATERBURY (b.1899-Chicago,Cook,Illinois,USA d.1979-Pontiac,Wayne,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Ellen Amanda KORPINEN (b.1907-Redridge, Michigan,USA d.2005-Paradise Valley, Wyoming, USA)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: Jorma Andero WAATTI (b.1902-Calumet,Michigan d.1992-Casper,Wyoming)
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Impi Elvera KORPINEN (b.1910-Redridge,Michigan,USA d.1997-Southfield,Oakland,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: Thomas Orland CONSIDINE (b.1906-Woodstock,ON,Canada d.1993,Fort Lauderdale,FL)
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Wesley Niilo KORPINEN (b.1913-Hancock,Michigan,USA d.1945-Killed in action in South Pacific)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: Margaret Perceil DOOLEY
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Edith Fredricka KORPINEN (b.1915-Hancock, MI, USA d.2007-Dearborn, MI, USA)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: James Peter QUINCY (b.1904-Coburntown,Michigan d.1997-Dearborn Heights,Wayne,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |  |-12. Katherine Rauha KORPINEN (b.1917-Hancock, Michigan, USA d.2006-Waterford, Oakland, MI)
  |                 |  |  |  |  | sp: Arthur Lloyd WARREN (b.1917-Hancock, Michigan, USA d.2004,Livonia, Wayne, MI)
  |                 |  |  |  |  +-12. Verna Bernice KORPINEN (b. 1919-Hancock, Michigan, USA d. 2004, Hancock, Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |    sp: Harold Roy HAUSWIRTH (b.1918-Hancock,Michigan d.2001-Hancock,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Valpuri JUNTUNEN (b.1884-Arcadia Location,Michigan,USA d.1956-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Matti William HILTUNEN (b.1883-Finland d.1957-Liminga,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Amanda JUNTUNEN (b.1886-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1953-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Andrew Waino KRAPU (b.1896-Mohawk,Michigan d.1958-Hancock,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Ida Alina JUNTUNEN (b.1888 d.1890)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Emma Maria JUNTUNEN (b.1890-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1979-Negaunee,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Emil ANTTONEN (b.1887-Oulu,Finland d.1969-L'Anse,Michigan)
  |                |  |  |  |-11. Hannah Lempi JUNTUNEN (b.1892-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1982-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Aleksi GARNELL (b.1882-Viipuri,Finland d.1964-Hancock,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Briita Saima JUNTUNEN (b.1895-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1989-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Eli KOSKI (b.1899-Haapavessi,Finland d.1946-Hancock,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Helmi Hilturi JUNTUNEN (b.1896-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1958-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: August Alexander JURVA (b.1888-Pudasjärvi,Finland d.1950-Hancock,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Sophia JUNTUNEN (b.1899-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1924-Hancock,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Andrew Waino KRAPU (b.1896-Mohawk,Michigan d.1958-Hancock,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |  |-11. Hilia JUNTUNEN (b.1901-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1964-Detroit,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Thomas Andrew OLSON (b.1891-Norway d.1935-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |  | sp: Evert FORSELL
  |                 |  |  |  +-11. Aliida Aleksandra JUNTUNEN (b.1903-Oskar,Michigan,USA d.1992)
  |                 |  |  |    sp: Ralph Emil JOHNSON (b.1899-Laurium,Michigan d.1970-Bruce Crossing,Michigan)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Johan JUNTUNEN (b.1842-Puolanka,Finland)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Salomon Fredrik JUNTUNEN (b.1843 d.1865)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Anna Liisa JUNTUNEN (b.1845-Puolanka,Finland d.1916)
  |                 |  |  | sp: Esaias HEIKKINEN (b.1846-Puolanka,Finland d.1920)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Jaakko JUNTUNEN (b.1847-Puolanka,Finland d.1910-Oulu,Finland)
  |                 |  |  | sp: Anna LEINONEN (b.1847 d.1910)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Stiina JUNTUNEN (b.1849-Puolanka,Finland d.1883-Vaala)
  |                 |  |  | sp: Johan HEIKKINEN (b.1846 d.1879)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Yrjö JUNTUNEN (b.1851-Puolanka,Finland d.1890-Reported drowned in the Oulujärvi)
  |                 |  |  | sp: Kaisa LEINONEN (b.1852 d.1888-died in childbirth)
  |                 |  |  |  +-11. Salomo JUNTUNEN (b.1884 d.1928)
  |                 |  |  |    sp: Elizabeth VÄYRYNEN (b.1880 d.1950)
  |                 |  |  |     +-12. William Andrew JUNTUNEN (b.1904-Minnesota (?) d.1993-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |       sp: Julia E. SOINI (b.1913 d.1995-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Kaisa Maaria JUNTUNEN (b.1853-Puolanka,Finland d.1911-Säräisniemi,Finland)
  |                 |  |  | sp: Matti KARJALAINEN (b.1851 d.1934)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Vappu JUNTUNEN (b.1855 d.1932)
  |                 |  |  | sp: Lauri HEIKKINEN (b.1849-Puolanka,Finland d.1919)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Saara JUNTUNEN (b.1857 d.1863)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Sofia JUNTUNEN (b.1859-Puolanka,Finland d.1942)
  |                 |  |  | sp: Heikki VÄYRYNEN (b.1861 d.1923)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Matti JUNTUNEN (b.1863 d.1866)
  |                 |  |  |-10. Kustaava JUNTUNEN (b.1865 d.1865)
  |                 |  |  +-10. Antti JUNTUNEN (b.1867-Puolanka,Finland d.1946-Michigan,United States)
  |                 |  |    sp: Reeta Stiina VÄYRYNEN (b.1870-Puolanka,Finland d.1929)
  |                 |  |-9. Vappu Salomontytär JUNTUNEN (b.1811)
  |                 |  |-9. Paavo Salomonpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1815 d.1817-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |                 |  |-9. Tuomas Salomonpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1813)
  |                 |  |-9. Kristiina Salomontytär JUNTUNEN (b.1819)
  |                 |  |-9. Pekka Salomonpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1822)
  |                 |  +-9. Isak Vilhelm Salomonpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1827)
  |                 |-8. Maria Tuomaantytär JUNTUNEN (b.1783 d.1785-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |                 |-8. Vappu Tuomaantytär JUNTUNEN (b.1789 d.1847-Suomussalmi,Finland)
  |                 +-8. Kaisa Tuomaantytär JUNTUNEN (b.1791 d.1791-Hyrynsalmi,Finland)
  |-2. Tapani JUNTUNEN (b.1580 d.1630)
  |-2. Pekka JUNTUNEN (b.1580 d.1630)
  +-2. Heikki JUNTUNEN (b.1590)

Juntunen crest

The Moilanen line

Niilo Juntunen married Anna Moilanen, whose pedigree, beginning with one Antti Moilanen, follows. As with Lauri Juntunen and Ristijärvi, Antti Moilanen appears to have been one of the original settlers in Puolanka, brought here from an unknown birthplace, possibly in Karelia. It is conceivable that Lauri and Antti could have known each other, given the proximity of the two communities. This information comes from a book by Mikko Moilanen, Kaskimailta kansaksi: Kainuun Moilaset 1600-1800 - luvuilla, Jyväskylä, 1994. According to the author, "[t]he roots of the Moilanen family go to the Lake Ladoga [Laatokka] area in Karelia, which today is part of Russia. The family name Moilanen probably became heritable in the 14th century, if not even earlier. In the province of Savo this name was rather common in the middle of the 16th century. It comes from a Russian male name Samoil which again comes from a Biblical (Hebrew) name Samuel ('by [the] Lord chosen' [sic; actually: 'heard by God'])."


1. Antti MOILANEN (b.1550-unknown,Finland)
+-2. Simo MOILANEN (b.1611-Puolanka,Finland d.1686-Puolanka,Finland)
   |-3. Antti MOILANEN (b.1630 d.1697-Puolanka,Finland)
   | sp: Marketa Heikintytär KEINÄNEN (d.1723-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |-4. Pekka MOILANEN (b.1666-Puolanka,Finland d.1751-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  | sp: Kaisa KERÄNEN (d.1710-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |  +-5. Matti MOILANEN (b.1700-Puolanka,Finland d.1777-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |    sp: Kaisa Ollintytär KERÄNEN (b.1699 d.1780-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |    +-6. Valpuri MOILANEN (b.1751-Puolanka,Finland d.1798-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |      sp: Martti MOILANEN (b.1753-Puolanka,Finland d.1835-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |      +-7. Matti MOILANEN (b.1790-Puolanka,Finland d.1837-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |        sp: Klaara KEMPPAINEN (b.1794-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1833-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |         +-8. Joosua MOILANEN (b.1823-Puolanka,Finland d.1867-Puolanka,Finland)
   |  |           sp: Priita MOILANEN (b.1822-Puolanka,Finland d.1926-Paltamo,Finland)
   |  |            +-9. Anna MOILANEN (b.1859-Puolanka,Finland d.1933-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
   |  |              sp: Niilo Salomonpoika JUNTUNEN (b.1860-Puolanka,Finland d.1934-Oskar,Michigan,USA)
      | +-4. Lauri MOILANEN (d.1739-Puolanka,Finland)
   |   sp: Susanna VÄYRYNEN (b.1687-Puolanka,Finland d.1776-Puolanka,Finland)
   |    +-5. Martti MOILANEN (b.1717-Puolanka,Finland d.1804-Puolanka,Finland)
   |       sp: Priita Juhontytär SEPPÄNEN (b.1721 d.1790-Puolanka,Finland)
   |       +-6. Martti MOILANEN (b.1753-Puolanka,Finland d.1835-Puolanka,Finland)
   |         sp: Valpuri MOILANEN (b.1751-Puolanka,Finland d.1798-Puolanka,Finland)
   |         +-7. Matti MOILANEN (b.1790-Puolanka,Finland d.1837-Puolanka,Finland) (*Already Printed*)
  +-3. Lauri MOILANEN (b.1630-Puolanka,Finland d.1709-Puolanka,Finland)
    sp: Anna
     +-4. Antti MOILANEN (b.1672-Puolanka,Finland d.1732-Puolanka,Finland)
       sp: Kaisa
        +-5. Lauri MOILANEN (b.1694-Puolanka,Finland d.1776-Puolanka,Finland)
          sp: UNKNOWN
           +-6. Pekka MOILANEN (b.1728-Puolanka,Finland d.1791-Puolanka,Finland)
             sp: Susanna ANTTONEN (b.1737-Hyrynsalmi,Finland d.1804-Puolanka,Finland)
              +-7. Lauri MOILANEN (b.1759-Puolanka,Finland d.1829-Puolanka,Finland)
                sp: Marketa HILTUNEN (b.1760-Puolanka,Finland d.1815-Puolanka,Finland)
                 +-8. Elias MOILANEN (b.1802-Puolanka,Finland d.1832-Puolanka,Finland)
                   sp: Priita MIKKONEN (b.1798)
                    +-9. Priita MOILANEN (b.1822-Puolanka,Finland d.1926-Paltamo,Finland)
                      sp: Joosua MOILANEN (b.1823-Puolanka,Finland d.1867-Puolanka,Finland)
                       +-10. Anna MOILANEN (b.1859-Puolanka,Finland d.1933-Oskar,Michigan,USA) (*Already Printed*)

Note that Priita (or Brita) Moilanen seems to have lived to age 104. Her death was not recorded in the parish records at Puolanka (since she had moved to Paltamo), but another descendant (my first-cousin-twice-removed), Howard Johnson, wrote the following to me in a letter of 1988: "My G. grandmother Brita Oikarinen [sic] – your G.G.G. grandmother lived to be 104 years old. She died the yr my brother Lewis was born 1926. Mother remembers when the telegram came to the house." My grandfather Eino once told me, as a child, that he had centenarians amongst his forebears. Despite his use of the plural form, his great-grandmother is the only one I've been able to find. (Somewhat ironically, he himself lived only three months past his 71st birthday.)  Priita Moilanen, who was fifth-cousin-once-removed to her husband Joosua (or Jorma, according to one account), is also reputed to have been surnamed Oikarinen, which may reflect a remarriage after Joosua's death. In any event, Moilanen, like Juntunen, seems quite early to have been a heritable surname.

Note also that we are descended from Simo Moilanen through two of his sons, Antti and Lauri, and from the same Antti through two of his sons, Pekka and Lauri.

Anna and Niilo Juntunen surrounded by family, c. 1905
Anna Liisa is standing at right and Jacob is seated next to her
with children, Jennie (standing), Bill and Esther (in lap).

Niilo Juntunen brought his family over to the US from Russian-controlled Finland in 1882, when his eldest daughter, Anna Liisa, was less than a year old. Family tradition said that he came to escape conscription into the Russian army. However, at that time, as noted above, Finland had its own army, which was nevertheless subject to the ultimate authority of the tsar in his capacity as Grand Duke of Finland. According to Reino Kero, "Under the decree of 1878 regarding compulsory military service, every Finnish male was subject to a three-year term of service with the regular army. The average citizen regarded a three-year term during peace-time as unreasonable" (Jalkanen, p. 58).

Apparently Niilo came over first and then brought his young family over. They settled near Oskar, Michigan, in the midst of the beautiful "Copper Country" in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Eleven daughters were born to Niilo and Anna, ten of whom survived into adulthood. Thus the family surname did not, of course, pass to any of their descendants. It is worth noting that Tsar Alexander II was assassinated by anarchists in 1881, only months before Anna Liisa's birth, and just before he was to grant constitutional government to his subjects. His son and successor Alexander III was deeply reactionary and sought to russify the various non-Russian ethnic minorities within his empire, and Finland bore the brunt of this, despite the special rights as a grand duchy granted at the time of its annexation. This harsher political climate likely contributed to Niilo's conviction that it was time to leave the land of his birth.

The novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, ever the Russian nationalist, puts the Russian-Finnish relationship in a rather different light, arguing that Finns were to be found in the highest echelons of Russian government, while Russians had no rights of citizenship in Finland itself (Solzhenitsyn, pp. 64-65). Yet Finns found their position within the empire increasingly threatened, particularly during the reigns of Alexander III and Nicholas II, and saw fit to leave in droves.

A quite nice account of Niilo and Anna Juntunen's immigration and life in upper Michigan is contained in an essay, written by cousin Valerie Tuomi as part of a project during her years at Houghton High School, Houghton, Michigan. The only significant error in her account is her assertion that, when the head of a family became a citizen in those years, so did the entire family. In fact, when, as an elderly woman, Anna Liisa applied for social security, she discovered, to her horror, that she had never been an American citizen. (All of her sisters, recall, were born in the US and were thus citizens from birth.) Somewhat implausibly, she feared deportation. (Where was her citizenship? The Russian Empire was long gone. The Finnish republic didn't exist at her birth.) In any event, she died at the ripe old age of eighty-five in 1967 and was buried in Hancock, Michigan, near the final resting place of her husband Jacob and their son Wesley, who had lost his life in the Pacific during the second World War.

I would be grateful to receive any additional information or corrections at the following e-mail address: dkoyzis{at}redeemer{dot}on{dot}ca.

Jacob and Anna Liisa with grown children, late 1940s

Anna Liisa, late 1940s


Jalkanen, Ralph J., ed.  The Finns in North America: A Social Symposium. Hancock, Michigan: Suomi College and Michigan State University Press, 1969.

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Vincent, Timothy Laitila and Rick Tapio. Finnish Genealogical Research. New Brighton, Minnesota: Finnish Americana, 1994.

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