Be a Waldo

Where's Waldo is a week long event from March 11-15 where students sign up to find various Waldo's on campus. Participating students will receive a list of Waldo's with a question they must answer for each. To successfully "find a Waldo" students must have the correct answer to the question asked. (I.e. Waldo: Hailey Stulp Question: What is Hailey's favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?) At the end of the week students will submit their Waldo list to Student Life. Students with the highest total of "Waldo's found" earn the chance to win an Amazon gift card (first place wins $75, second place wins $50 and third place wins $25).
  • Please write out a unique / fun question about yourself that students will have to answer.
  • Please write out the answer to your question. Please keep in mind that students may approach you in order to obtain the answer.