Family Housing Application

Family Housing is administered by Redeemer University College, Campus Services.

All apartment tenants must be full-time students at Redeemer University College.   Exceptions are the spouse and other dependents of full-time students. Should a student change status from full-time to part-time student within an academic year, discontinue studies or graduate, he or she will be able to remain in Independent Housing until July 31 – in the year status has changed.

Luther Court apartments are assigned to married students, families and mature students. Applications will be processed randomly.

Application Deadline

February 15, 2019

Rental Rates

Luther Court One Bedroom Apartment – $630 per month
Luther Court Two Bedroom Apartment – $835 per month
Blue Castle Three Bedroom House (723 Garner Rd W) -$1760 per month

A deposit equal to one month’s rent will be paid when the unit is assigned (March). This deposit will be applied to last months rent. If damage to the unit is evident upon vacancy, the tenant will be charged.

Accommodation Types

Luther Court
1 bedroom apt.
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
Intercampus phoneline
Internet included
Storage unit available
2 tenant max. $630/month
Luther Court
2 bedroom apt.
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
Intercampus phoneline
Internet included
Storage unit available
4 tenant max. $835/month
Blue Castle
723 Garner Rd. E.
3 bedrooms
1 bathroom
Tenant responsible for
phone and Internet
Partially furnished, with
beds provided
5 tenant max.  $1760/month

Independent Housing Regulations

No tenant shall move into Independent Housing without the prior approval of the Director of Campus Services.

Independent apartment tenants must furnish their own apartments. A fridge and stove will be provided by Redeemer University College. (Rental furniture may be available upon request.)

Pets are not allowed in the Independent Housing.

Smoking is not allowed in the Independent Housing.

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Independent Housing.