Registration Form

Welcome to Redeemer’s parking permit application page. If you live on campus or drive to campus you need a parking permit! If you live on campus, provide your dorm number and you may be eligible to receive a court parking permit (first come, first received). If you drive to campus, you will receive an academic parking permit. Remember to always display your permit number out and avoid the Visitors and Box Office parking lots to avoid getting a ticket!

Parking Permit Fee Schedule:

Annual Parking Permit – $100
Fall only Semester permit – $50.00
Winter only Semester permit – $50.00

Important Note: In order to encourage the prompt purchasing of parking permits the following “Early Bird” deadlines have been put in place:

  1. For Annual and Fall only permits, applications completed and payment made (payment to your account is automatic for students) by September 13, 2019 pay a reduced fee of $75.
  2. For Winter only permits, applications completed and payment made (payment is automatic for students to their account) by January 11, 2020, pay a reduced fee of $37.50.
  3. If you are registered or working at Redeemer for both fall and winter semesters, an Annual permit must be purchased in the fall to help reduce the administrative workload.
  4. Even if you are part-time — student, staff or faculty — you must purchase a parking permit. Because the cost is so low, there is only one fee.

If you didn’t receive an auto-reply email with your information summary, please try again.

Please refer to the student handbook for more details.