Can I appeal a parking infraction?

​Yes. You can appeal by clicking on the link Parking Infraction Appeal Form in the Link.

Parking Ticket Appeal

Alternatively you can obtain a paper copy of the appeal form from the security office which is open from:
4pm – Midnight
Monday – Friday and all day Saturday

I purchased another vehicle what do I do?

Please click on this link and fill out the form. Then we will update our records. Thank you!

Where can I store my bicycle?

​You can store your bicycle at any one of many bicycle racks provided around campus. Alternatively you can store your bike in the basement of your dorm (if available). Please note that you must secure your bicycle to a rack to ensure its safety. Redeemer however cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.

Is handicapped parking provided?

Yes, barrier-free parking is available in the visitors, box office and academic south (paved) parking lot.​

Do motorcycles need permits?

​At the present time permits are not required for motorcycles.

Who needs a Redeemer parking permit?

​Any faculty, staff or student who brings a car onto campus whether living on campus or commuting. Failure to do so will result in a  parking infraction being issued.